The one thing that summer lax makes you understand over and over again is that ANY TEAM can win ANY GAME at ANY TIME.

All of the teams showed up bright and early for the 2012 War At the Shore (W@TS) Men’s Lacrosse Tournament, with only two goals in mind:  Win the championship, and lax hard. 

Universal Lacrosse seeded full teams in both the A and the B brackets and outfitted it's two teams in Cascade CPX-r Helmets with custom decals, as well as custom dye sublimated pinnies, shorts, and shooter T's.  Everything was designed in-house by Universal's own "Design Task Force".  They also created the uniforms for: Flint Tropics, Haterade, Pinto Bros, Team Me, Beaver Hunters, Wrecking Crew, Texas Arizona, and the shorts for Team USO.

The Universal Lacrosse Company is New Jersey based, locally owned and operated lacrosse store and apparel company who specializes in creating custom lacrosse uniforms and team gear.

STX was on site, giving out free swag and giving players the opportunity to demo their new Alliance Shaft in games, to allow laxers to experience the flex technology first hand.  I must say, you can really feel the difference and it is a positive one.

The weather on Saturday was a bit rough to say the least with two separate severe thunderstorms rolling through during the day.   The heavy rain and accompanying lightning caused games to be unceremoniously cancelled and abruptly ended as players dashed to take shelter, at two different points through the day, which was certainly a bit frustrating.  Some teams only to to play one game.

The weather forecast was calling for more of the same rough weather on Sunday and everyone kept an eye at the sky as they drove in.  Fortunately the lacrosse gods had something else in mind, the Saturday rain cooled things off a bit, and the slight overcast keep the beating sun off everyone.  Which was much appreciated after a Saturday night out on the Jersey Shore… the weather was perfect for some lax.

As the tournament progressed through Sunday teams were eliminated, but the energy and excitement kept building as the winners advanced closer to the championship.

After winning their first two games of the day against Velocity and Team USO, the Universal B-Team was knocked out by team Powertek, who featured players like Sam Bradman, Matt Cannone and other from the Salisbury team.  Powertek went on to take the championship after a heated match against the Flint Tropics which was comprised of  Bridgewater-Raritan HS Alumni spread over the past 10 years.

Universal Team-A kept at, powering through a close game against Digz, Top Left, and eventually winning the Championship against LacrosseWear.

Albeit there was some disappointment in the number of games being cut short, competition was well matched and exciting.  The War at the Shore remains one of the premier adult tournaments in the country, as evident by how much it continues to grow year after year.  The lacrosse brotherhood is alive and well.  Going out on the field and doing what we love is what our sport is all about.

Get out there and lax.

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